Planoette Alumnae

We welcome all previous Planoettes and Maroon Guard to join our Alumnae Group. "Once a Planoette, always a Planoette!"

Planoette Alumnae Activities

Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, we decided to start and expand some traditions to include Planoette alumni in some of our activities. We hope that you will join us in these special alumnae events!


Homecoming - We rope off a section of the stands behind the Planoette team so that you can watch the Homecoming football game and cheer along with your Planoette sisters. Feel free to join in on the stand routines to bring back some memories!

Spring Show - We will host a special Hospitality Suite for our alumni to gather before and after the show. What a great time to see your Planoette sisters!


Planoettes Alumnae Facebook Group

Please visit our "Planoettes Alumni" group on Facebook:


Send Us Your Contact Info

Please email us a note with your contact info so we can add you to our database! Email us at and please include:

  • Name - First, Last Name (maiden name while in school) and Married Last Name
  • Years in Planoettes (for example: 2012-2014)
  • Positions Held (for example: Junior Sergeant and Senior Lieutenant)
  • Director Name






Upcoming Events 

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